NYC Circle of Light February Tiffin Talk Recap

Last week WEP’s NYC Circle of Light chapter held its monthly Tiffin Talk.  The theme of the conversation was the role of men in education and development.  Several points were covered, here are a few of the issues discussed:

– What do we mean by education? How is this definition different for the rapidly changing political and cultural landscape in India?

– Is ignorance bliss? What is the impact of education if it empowers and educates the girl, but she is s unable to follow her dreams, due to her socioeconomic circumstances?

– Is there a stigma around learning trade skills as opposed to the traditional educational system?

– The increasing entrepreneurial spirit in India and the rising middle class are slowly causing affordable and quality education to change from a luxury to a necessity.

– It is very important to educate both men and women to help break down gender bias.

Thank you to all who attended; we hope to see you at our next event!