Special gifts from GTG

Special gifts from GTG 2018-06-20T13:01:39+00:00

Women’s Education Project would like to thank Girls Thinking Global and its founders Kathy Hurley and Deb deVries for their kind contribution of assets to WEP. After years developing GTG, they have provided us the inspiration and tools to pursue WEP’s own expansion.

(Note: Assets currently reside on the GTG website, now owned by WEP, and will be transferred to WEP’s new website):

GTG has provided WEP:

Documentary: The Heart of Everything: Jungle Mamas Changemakers in the Amazon. To view, click HERE.

A Global Virtual Community (the GTG Collaborative): technical specifications and market requirements for a network of organizations serving young women and adolescent girls to share information, create community and identify best and successful practices.

An Online Map: A Data Visualization Tool identifying more than 250 organizations working to educate adolescent girls and young women globally. A clickable. searchable map providing website and contact information. To view click HERE.

Online Community and Webinar Series: An MOU with edWeb.net to host an online community and webinar series on leadership for women and girls. edWeb.net has a global reach of 500,000 educators and stakeholders. To learn more and join the GTG/WEP community on edWeb, click HERE.

Technology Assets (Social Media and Domain Name): Social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) followers to be website (name) and logo.