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Since 2002, over 500 students have attended Women’s Education Project. WEP alumnae of our Sudar Center, tell their story …

Alum 1

Hi, I am an alumnae of WEP’s Madurai Center, Sudar. I came to Sudar during my under-graduation in the year 2008. I benefitted lot from Sudar both personally and officially. I learned Spoken English at Sudar that helps me in my job now. I received scholarship from Sudar for my education. I did my post graduation in Mathematical Economics. After my Post Graduation, I approached Sudar for Job. Sudar referred to Evidence NGO as financial advisor, that job brought me lot of confidence. Now I got job in IITM, Chennai as a Project Associate, and earning Rs.15, 000/ per month. Thanks to Sudar for its wonderful support.


alum 8

Hi Vanakkam, I am introducing myself as a WEP’s Sudar’s alumna. Now I am working as Pharmacy Assistant in a homeopath clinic and earning Rs.6000/ per month. I spent four years at Sudar. I like Sudar Very much. I received scholarship from Sudar for four years. Sudar facilitated my skills and motivated me to perform in stages. I can dance well. But I couldn’t exhibit that skill in School and College because of stage fear. Sudar eradicated the stage fear from me by inducing me to join in all dance programs and celebrations conducted by Sudar. Sudar plays a vital role in my life. I never forget Sudar and its benefits to me. When I become economically strong I would support Sudar. 


alum 7

Hi, I am Sudar’s old student. I am working as accountant in Rajaji old age home and earning Rs.4000/ per month. My friend introduced me to Sudar. I learned lot of good things at Sudar.  I benefitted lot by Sudar Saturday workshops.  I like Sudar library. I like Sudar very much. I learned English and computer skills at Sudar. All Sudar students are like my elder and younger sisters. I don’t have the habit of mingle with others, but Sudar helped me to create healthy relationship with others. Sudar financially supported me for my studies. I really thank to Zoe mam, for creating this organisation and helping us without any expectations. Without Zoe, there is no Sudar. Sure this organisation would help lot of girls in future, and extend its activities without any doubt. I say my wishes to its wonderful endless growth.. Thanks Sudar!


alum 6

Hi. I am alumna of WEP’s Sudar Foundation. I am working as DTP operator in BINOWS, and earning Rs.7500/ per month. I learned my job skills at Sudar. I am daughter of Sudar custodian Tavasi. I received scholarship from Sudar during my under graduation degree. Sudar workshops like Naturopathy, life skills helped me a lot. I completed my basic computer, DTP and Teacher training courses at Sudar, Sudar offered me the above courses without any fees. Sudar taught me lot of good things. I am very successful now in my married life because of Sudar. Thanks to Sudar.

alumane 1

Hi! I have no doubt that WEP-Sudar is always flaming brightly. When I joined the Meenakshi College in 2004 in the first year, I had only a little general knowledge. Only through my college, I came to know ‘Sudar’. Education will guide us. This is true in my life. My college directed me to ‘Sudar’. It is wrong to say that ‘Sudar’ had given me only a financial help. I was basically a rural girl before I came to ‘Sudar’. I hesitated to convey my doubts, feelings, opinions and to interact with others.

‘Sudar’ had provided me not only a stipend but also a valuable encouragement. I have learnt computer only here. Participating the workshop programmes, I learnt many things from ‘Sudar’. I started to interact with others cordially. I used the ‘Sudar’ library very well for my SBI competitive examination. I developed my vocabulary with the help of my friends at ‘Sudar’. I have completed my PG degree successfully through Distance Education only with the immensible help of Sudar.

I want to tell what I am doing now. After finishing my UG degree, I had been working in Tata Motor Finance Ltd for 3 years. Then I had been in Finance Department, Adinn Advertising Service Private Ltd for 21/2 years. I spent the year 2013 completely in attending coaching classes and preparing for the TNPSC examinations I had been posted as a Junior Assistant from Group IV examination and I worked at the Collector’s Office, Theni for two months. Then from Group II, I have been appointed as the Assistant in Indian Medicine and Homeopathy Department. Now I am working as the Assistant in Homeopathy Medical College and hospital at Thirumangalam.

 ‘Sudar’ is striving for the Women Education and Women Welfare. My ambition is that ‘Sudar’ should conduct couching classes for the competitive examinations to create awareness among ‘Sudar’ Students. Please consider my suggestion kindly!