WEP – Sudar Song

WEP – Sudar Song 2015-05-14T09:26:03+00:00

WEP-Sudar Song

Composed by WEP-Sudar students on alumnae day 2009 (translated from Tamil). 


We are the flame of the flowers

We have power to win the sun

We learn many skills

Acquired good values

From Sudar and its work.

We can win the world

We shall break down the barriers

We can spread the wings and fly

We create new world and new earth

We adorn with the new smile

We add many dreams

And add some pearls and poems

With the help of Sudar

We succeed well

With this Sudar and it’s support

We shall live bravely

We are small drops who will make a mighty stream

We are many drops who will make a mighty ocean

We do many achievements

We wipe out the sufferings that arise

Future will turn to us and

Listen to our music

With this Sudar and it’s light

We get rid of the dark.