WEP’s August 2016 Roundup!

At the centers…

WEP would like to introduce you to Rose, our intern from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who is based in Madurai for eight weeks to work with the Madurai Center Director, and develop our “I am a Leader” program . Throughout the summer, she will be documenting our students’ experience of the centers, such as how they originally found WEP Centers, what they like best, their suggested improvements, and career plans. Rose will also be helping to further the girl’s English language skills! Keep up to date with her interviews as they appear on our Facebook page.

Rose is an extraordinary example of the many people that make a world of difference with the Women’s Education Project!


In New York..

At the end of June, WEP hosted a Shout Out for Girls Education in New York City. Attendees were students of a local high school, and their friends and family, as well as staff and volunteers from WEP. They shared with each other why education is important to them, and why they believe girls’ education is vital to achieving gender equality. It was an inspiring night for all involved, and highlighted the amazing things that can happen when people come together to make a difference.


On the 30th of July 2016, WEP hosted our 2nd annual Golf to Support Her, a golfing day, with proceeds going to WEP’s work sending young women in India to college. Supporters was spent a leisurely afternoon golfing, or attended a walk-a-thon with WEP’s founder Zoë Timms.  The event raised […]

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WEP’s April 2016 Roundup!

This April, students at WEP’s Madurai Centre attended a ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ workshop, and went on a tour of the District Court to observe legal processes and court activities. If they continue their education, the girls might one day work to become lawyers, or even judges.

                                                               WEP’s Madurai centre’s ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ workshop.

In New York, the 2016 Red Bangle award was awarded to Shabana Basij-Rasikh.

                                                                     Zoë Timms, Shabana Basij-Rasikh, and Kayce Jennnings Freed.

Shabana dressed as a boy when she was young, and risked her life to get her education. She is now helping other young girls go to school by having created the School of Leadership, Afghanistan, or SOLA. The award was passed onto her by last year’s winner Kayce Jennings Freed, producer of the documentary Girl Rising. The two then joined WEP’s founder Zoë Timms in a panel where they spoke about some of the successes and obstacles of founding women’s organisations.

                                                            Panel by Zoë Timms, Shabana Basij-Rasikh, and Kayce Jennings Freed.

As […]

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We run in NYC … WEP students run and walk in India! 

Join us for our annual fundraising run. We will join the Achilles Hope and Possibility Run in Central Park in NYC. Sign up for that race (link below), and then we will guide you through the fundraising process for WEP.

It takes $250 to send 1 WEP girl to college for 1 year. This race is a great way to have friends and family sponsor you to help one student.

Thank you and see you on the course!

Sign up here:

Raise $250 or more here:

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October 18 WEP will Celebrate!

Presents fashion by:

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Around the World with WEP!

On April 27, WEP students and volunteers in Princeton and Madurai, joined together to run, walk, and rally in support of girls and women’s education. A great international day for WEP!

A Run / Walk in Princeton, NJ 

A Run/Walk in New York City’s Central Park 

A celebration of Earth Day and a rally at WEP’s Hyderabad Center

A rally for girl’s education at WEP’s Sudar Center

A rally and sports day at WEP’s Kadapa Center

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A Student Story from Hyderabad

Below is a wonderful note from one of our students. She is from a poor family – her parents weave items from cloth and bamboo, and she has three younger brothers. Her younger brothers are all in school, and the eldest has begun working at a small company.

“I was keen to study and I felt very sad about my family position. Then I came to know about WEP and with the help of my school teacher I joined the local program. I am now studying happily with the support of WEP. Here many trainings are provided which I came to know about and learnt a lot, like domestic violence, photography, medicinal plants training, and health camp. I gained a lot of knowledge through these trainings. The exposure visits are also very useful and I enjoyed very much with all my friends. My parents are now feeling very happy with the support that WEP is giving me. My parents and I are very thank full to WEP.”

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NYC Circle of Light February Tiffin Talk Recap

Last week WEP’s NYC Circle of Light chapter held its monthly Tiffin Talk.  The theme of the conversation was the role of men in education and development.  Several points were covered, here are a few of the issues discussed:

– What do we mean by education? How is this definition different for the rapidly changing political and cultural landscape in India?

– Is ignorance bliss? What is the impact of education if it empowers and educates the girl, but she is s unable to follow her dreams, due to her socioeconomic circumstances?

– Is there a stigma around learning trade skills as opposed to the traditional educational system?

– The increasing entrepreneurial spirit in India and the rising middle class are slowly causing affordable and quality education to change from a luxury to a necessity.

– It is very important to educate both men and women to help break down gender bias.

Thank you to all who attended; we hope to see you at our next event! 

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Traditional Day with our Alumnae!

Students presented Indian traditions at the WEP Madurai center.  View our album for more beautiful photos of this wonderful day!

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WEP’s Executive Director visits Hyderabad!

WEP’s Executive Director recently visited the Hyderabad center on her trip to India.  See more wonderful photos from her visit on our Facebook page!

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Volley Ball 2014!

A huge boost to confidence: sports. Here our Kadapa students have joined a local volleyball league.

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