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For Young Women to become Economically Independent Community Leaders

Women’s Education Project (WEP) educates young women to become knowledgeable, confident and responsible leaders. It does this by providing grassroots NGOs its Leadership Academy, a locally-sourced, holistic curriculum for women, ages 15 to 24, to make informed choices for themselves and positive change in their families and communities. Within a spirited community of peers, they gain knowledge, skills, and a broad understanding of their opportunities. Graduates enter formal sector careers or pursue alternative, entrepreneurial livelihoods of their own choosing.

Careers Started

The Challenge

Without WEP, young women are at risk of:

Early Marriage

India has one of the highest prevalence of child marriage in the world. 7% of girls are married before 15, and 27% before the age of 18.

Low Wage Employment

73% of women work within their homes or at daily wage, sometimes unsafe, irregular employment.

Drop Out of Education

48% of young women drop out of school by the 10th grade.

WEP’s Academy is a BRIDGE for young women to entering adulthood valuing their:

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Economic Independence

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For women to become confident, knowledgeable, skilled and economically independentbeyond the expected, inspiring the values of a global world.

Her contributions are significant. Her needs are urgent. The world can’t wait.

Support young woman attending WEP Leadership Academies.