Sisterhood. Leadership. Economic Independence.

Preparing Women for Economic Independence 

For young women to become economically independent, WEP provides girl-focused NGO partners the Leadership Academy. Within this supportive, safe, spirited Sisterhood of peers, young women develop confidence, skills, and become aware of opportunities before entering a career of their own choosing.

Careers Started

The Challenge

In India, 48% of women ages 15-24 drop out of secondary school, 27% enter child marriage; and 87% enter low income jobs.

Without WEP, they are at risk of:

Early Marriage

India has one of the highest prevalence of child marriage in the world. 7% of girls are married before 15, and 27% before the age of 18.

Low Wage Employment

73% of women work within their homes or at daily wage, sometimes unsafe, irregular employment.


27% of the trafficked individuals in India are children for either the sex trade or child labor. 61% are girls. In Andhra Pradesh, where WEP works, 11,625 of the almost 20,000 missing children were girls.

Domestic Violence

30% to 50% of women in India have reported experiencing some kind of violence in their homes.

WEP’s Academy is a BRIDGE for young women to entering adulthood valuing their:

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Economic Independence

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For women to become confident, knowledgeable, skilled and economically independentbeyond the expected, inspiring the values of a global world.

Her contributions are significant. Her needs are urgent. The world can’t wait.

Support young woman attending WEP Leadership Academies.