Unlimited Potential in Every Young Woman

At Women’s Education Project’s Leadership Academies, young, marginalized women become self-reliant, resilient, informed, skilled and civically engaged leaders, earners and changemakers. Within a spirited Sisterhood, they transcend social pressures gaining confidence and skills to enter formal sector employment or entrepreneurial occupations of their own choosing – prepared to make lasting change in their lives, families and communities.

Careers Started

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Our Pathway to Change

By providing partner NGOs, the Leadership Academy, supported by the Women’s Collaboration Lab, our flexible, holistic, culturally adaptably grassroots model, ensures an enduring supportive community – a Sisterhood – for young women, who as earners, leaders and changemakers, increase their nation’s GDP, while laying the groundwork for a gender-equal society.

While every aspect of our Leadership Academy program addresses each of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Goal #5 – Gender Equality – overarches our work.

Our Approach

Young women ages 15-24, at risk of entering early marriage, dropping out of school and entering low-wage employment, attend WEP’s Leadership Academy. In this vision-expanding, holistic, experiential and arts-based curriculum, utilizing local resources and culture, young women gain confidence, skills and self-reliance to:

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Graduate from secondary education, pursue higher education & vocational training programs.

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Recognize her ability to be a leader & make lasting change.

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Earn — aware and prepared to pursue her opportunities and interests and resilient & flexible to adjust her course.

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Advocate for herself & others.

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Be knowledgeable in health, nutrition, gender issues, rights, culture & personal finances.

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Access community resources & guide others to them.

Our Program

WEP’s Academies, housed within effective NGO partners throughout India, are supported by our Women’s Collaboration Lab.

Leadership Academy

A flexible, five certificate, classroom and activity-based curriculum completed in 1-2 years, providing life skills within a community of peers.

Women's Collaboration Lab

The Lab has three elements: A partnership Consortium (training, space to share program issues), the Connects (to ensure local financial sustainability) and Special Student Programs (scholarships and courses). 

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For young marginalized women to become confident, knowledgeable and skilled leaders, earners, and changemakers. 

Her contributions are significant. Her needs are urgent. The world can’t wait.

Support young woman attending WEP Leadership Academies.