International Women’s Day was celebrated at our Hyderabad and Madurai Centers. Below are photographs, quotes and report excerpts from the celebration.

In Hyderabad, women (mostly farmers) of WEP’s partner organization MV Foundation and WEP students celebrated International Women’s Day by meeting and delivering speeches. Below are excerpts.

P. Swathi a WEP student stated “From the past 100 years women’s day celebrations are going on, but still women’s are facing problems, rejections from society & also from family.  Even today child marriages are going on. After which they are facing, issues of high costs of dowry, wedding expenses which are 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs for poor family.  Physical & mental harassment are from in-laws. Women should get married after physical & mental maturity. Parents should encourage their girl’s education.  Even they should prepare and support their daughter t0 face any kind of situation.”

Women from MV Foundation stated: “It means  if female gets educated & encouragement then sky is the limit for her.  So, I suggest every woman not to stop her studies in middle.”

Others stated: “I have been working for the past 17years. If women’s are not stopped by anyone then their won’t be any activity that is impossible for her.  So, we need to give freedom & chance to our daughters’ to prove themselves.”

“Girls who are 18 years above can marry.  Because that is the stage where a woman or girl grows up physically & gets mental ability.  If a child or a very young girl is married she faces a lot of problems during birth time.  For that reason child marriages should be stopped.”

“Now a days woman’s are going out & working in different fields equal to men.  Even though we have 33% of reservation women don’t have freedom to take any decisions.  This need to be changed.  It will be done only when every one of us gets educated.  50% of reservations should be provided to women’s.  Every one of us need to fight against child marriages.”

” There is lot of difference in present & past.  Now women’s are getting financial support from SHGS.  There is false belief among communities that more educated a girl, her parents will pay more dowry.  Instead a develop belief that education will develop her confidence, & self consciousness.”

Aanganwadi secretary Mrs. Laxmamma: – We used to get 400/- we fought against & now we are getting Rs. 3000/- It means women nothing is impossible for women.  The thing is they need to get support & encouragement.  A parent has to show their love & care equally to daughter & son.  Baby infanticide has to be stopped.

And Celebrations at our Madurai center included speech and drawing contests. The Director reports: WEP’s Sudar (in Madurai) celebrated International Women’s Day. Women’s day was celebrated in the theme “Gathering girls and Inspiring Future”. Ms. Santhiya, WEP-Sudar student President gave the welcome address to all.  Ms. Ritamma,  a social activist was invited as chief guest and she spoke on our theme and taught a feminist song to Sudar Students.

A speech competition was conducted for Sudar students. Mr.Chinna Durai, Retd Revenue officer and Mr. Bagrudeen, Retd Educational officer invited as judges for the speech competition. Students did their speech in our selected theme. Prizes were distributed to Sudar students who participated in the following kolam drawing (chalk drawings below), poetry, and speech competitions.