WEP’s August 2016 Roundup!

Rose with students from WEP’s Sudar Madurai center.

At the centers…

WEP would like to introduce you to Rose, our intern from the University of Wisconsin-Madison who is based in Madurai for eight weeks to work with the Madurai Center Director, and develop our “I am a Leader” program . Throughout the summer, she will be documenting our students’ experience of the centers, such as how they originally found WEP Centers, what they like best, their suggested improvements, and career plans. Rose will also be helping to further the girl’s English language skills! Keep up to date with her interviews as they appear on our Facebook page.

Rose is an extraordinary example of the many people that make a world of difference with the Women’s Education Project!



In New York…

IMG_0366At the end of June, WEP hosted a Shout Out for Girls Education in New York City. Attendees were students of a local high school, and their friends and family, as well as staff and volunteers from WEP. They shared with each other why education is important to them, and why they believe girls’ education is vital to achieving gender equality. It was an inspiring night for all involved, and highlighted the amazing things that can happen when people come together to make a difference.





On the 30th of July 2016, WEP hosted our 2nd annual Golf to Support Her, a golfing day, with proceeds going to WEP’s work sending young women in India to college. Supporters was spent a leisurely afternoon golfing, or attended a walk-a-thon with WEP’s founder Zoë Timms.  The event raised $5000 in one day for WEP centers, which will send 20 girls to WEP for one year!



WEP founder Zoë Timms with Board Member Veerandra Srivastava



Wondering how can you support our WEP students this summer?

In the following months, we will be hosting our annual Films Around the World and Run Around the World. Keep updated on these events, and WEP’s work by following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!